im companyWhat do you look for when choosing an Internet marketing company, sometimes its hard to know, its not like many of the people who do the SEO actually have any formal IM qualifications is it ?

Internet marketing is one of those strange professions where things move so fast that any qualification gained will be out of date when put to practical use. So what are the other things you should look for when your looking to hire and Internet marketing Company.

Beware of Sales People

SEO and Internet marketing are big business with a good online marketing campaign making company’s millions each year. Its theses sort of skills that are in demand. If a sales person comes to meet you rather than an SEO the chances are that the company employs collage graduates with little knowledge of how to get a company’s website to the top of the rankings who will only do the basic Bookmarking and content creation with linkbuilding being done on mass resulting in unstable rankings and at worse a penalty within the search engines.


The most important thing to look for

Past victories, ask for a list of past clients and go and check out their rankings, some IM clients do not like people knowing that they employ an SEO company so sometimes it may not be possible to see past work.


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